Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Hillbillies Do For Fun


First you drive the truck down the trail way back into the woods.
That's our friends' truck, by the way. They brought us a bunch of fence posts for our farm.  
They are wonderful friends.

Then you drive back home to get some drinks and food, that you forgot the first trip.

Snap a picture while mom is attempting to drive the truck after 17 years of driving an automatic.

                                                        Hold on tight... it ain't pretty!

Pack a cooler for a picnic.  Pose for another picture.
Pick some flowers for the table.

Slice up some maters from the garden.  Aren't they beautiful??

Take a picture of the beautiful sandwich.  (That was Graci.)
She was proud of the homegrown pickles!

Have a picnic way out in the woods with family and friends.

Paint a target on some old paneling. 
Shoot at it. 
That's Bulls-Eye Joe showing Noah how to shoot.

Shoot some more.  

That's my friend, Annie Oakley, sharing her guns with me.

Reload and hang out with great friends.
  Style some hair.

This might just be the cutest picture ever.

Or maybe it's this one...   Have a Gun Show.


Then pile back in the truck and drive back home.  (Chiggers and all.)

And that's what hillbillies do for fun.

Just in case you were wondering.

And I also knocked down three cups with one shot.  So that makes me the gun-slingin' champion.

At least for the day.

Just in case you were wondering.  : )


  1. good-lookin, you can shoot AND ya have all yer teeth! Yer a dang catch! ;) Joe & Vicky sure are faithful. Good friends, more precious than gold. Love! -Anna

    1. Haha! Next time you guys come down you can try your hand at it!
      Yes, they are wonderful friends. So are you! We are very blessed!

  2. We love you guys. Thank you for such a memorable weekend. And jen, sharp shooter, im glad im on your side. When you shoot down 3cups in one shoot, well the shouts from that holler (is that even a word)were heard in the next. sending love and prayers

    1. Thank you , thank you , thank you! You guys are so amazing! Come anytime, stay longer! (I promise not to drive the truck!) We love you both very much. : )


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