Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Homeschool Prom

 This year's "formal" turned out so great! 
 The teens in our co-op picked out the theme "A Masquerade in Paris." 

 I enjoyed making the masks.  (I adore glitter.)

 The girls wanted to wear brighter colors this year.

I think Graci succeeded with that goal!                    

We made Graci's jewelry and hair flowers.

                                                                                Ruthie wanted to be fancy and old fashioned:

Thrifted dress, homemade jacket and belt.

Everyone was sooooo excited!

After only a few minor meltdowns, all the hair and makeup turned out just fine.  : )
Oh my gosh!  They're so grown up!

We call this "the smolder."

Captain and I even got to go this year.... thanks to the fact that we were the DJs!

I found my dress in the girl's dress-up bin.  ; )

Jacob came home for the weekend to take his sweet girlfriend...

Graci found herself a nice, tall date.  She was happy!

All the moms and teens pitched in on the decorating.   And of course we had to try out the dance floor!

 I think it turned out so pretty!

One of the moms actually MADE an eiffel tower!

Ben made the rounds dancing with all the pretty ladies.

Then he decided to do the robot in the front of the dance floor.

All the guys started imitating him.... it was so funny and adorable.  I got an epic video.

And of course we had a disco ball... with colors!

All the little kids joined in eventually.   Who can resist the Cha Cha Slide?  I sure can't!

After a few Chicken Dances and Cupid Shuffles, Patience was all warmed up.  : )


It turned out to be a super fun night for the whole family! 

A big shout out and thank-you to all the hard working moms and dads who made all this possible!

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