Monday, April 1, 2013

The Way Easter Should Be

This might have been the most perfect Easter celebration that we have ever experienced!

First off, the girls and I did tons of cooking and baking on Saturday morning....

These are "hummingbird cupcakes" totally made from scratch by Ruthie.

We were expecting company from out-of-town later in the afternoon.  Yippee!

My all time best buddy from college came to visit with her husband and two lovely daughters.  We haven't seen each other for five years!  We weren't sure if our kids would like each other, but if they're anything like their mamas, they're destined to be friends!!

Yes, they did like each other.  : )

And that's the only picture I took.  I was too busy having a great time. 

Then on Sunday morning.... we all headed off to church together.  The Vaughn family was joining up with the church worship team for the very first time.  We did a mix of very fun countrified songs and modern worship songs.  The congregation sung their hearts out and it was wonderful.

Then the teens did their drama/dance/human video thing.
They were soooo nervous!

 But WOW!
It was totally amazing.

AND several people came to the front afterwards to make Jesus the Lord of their lives.

What could be better than that???

I was supposed to be praying, but I had to sneak a picture because it was so amazing and well, yeah!

Then we all came back home and had a great big Easter meal 
with our table totally full (just the way I like it).   

And we went for a walk down the road.
(That's our driveway)

And this is Ruthie and me with our wildflowers, just like old times!  : )

Oh my!  We had such a perfect day yesterday!

  It was exactly what Easter should be!  

And today I'll go buy a bunch of half-price candy and make the Easter baskets.  
But that will just be the icing on the already amazing cake.

 Because Easter is for celebrating Jesus.
And that's the best possible way to spend a day!

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  1. LOVE that! We had many salvations at our church this weekend too. It's the best thing ever, right?!!

    Love your pics! Such fun!


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