Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few New Things

The sun is shining.
The flowers are blooming.
I have my first sunburn of the season,
 a new lease on life...

And lots of new jewelry ideas...

 Of course I love working on Mommy jewelry ideas.  Probably because I LOVE being a mommy!

These "Psalm 1" necklaces are brand new, too!  My friend, Ruthie, just ordered three of them for her and her sisters.  I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends!  : )

Patience is my newest little model... she has awesome hair!  : )

OK, so stop by my jewelry shop and check out some of our new stuff!

Use coupon code 15FRIENDS for 15% off some really cool jewelry.

Oh, and have a wonderful, sun-shiny weekend!

: )

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