Thursday, April 11, 2013

Down and Dirty Chick Starting

I was at my local Tractor Supply Company the other day picking up some duck food and I was so surprised by the overwhelming number of poultry products.
 I just had to take a picture of it all.

And I feel compelled to tell you all that you do not need ANY of this stuff in order to raise poultry.

What you need is this:

Or this:

And some water.

I guess raising chickens on a small scale has become a big business.  I really love my TSC, and I hope you will go there and buy yourself some peeps... but please don't buy into all that other stuff!  It really give the impression that poultry raising is super complicated.  It isn't.  It is super easy and fun and rewarding.  Just as long as you keep it simple.

Get a rubbermaid bin.  And a heat lamp.

Add some shavings, a feeder, waterer and some adorable peeps.

And you're all set.

Actually, you just need the waterer base, because it screws onto a mason jar...

And before you know it, you'll be collecting these:

And you'll be so glad!

Because raising chickens is easy!

And peeps are adorable!

Go to Tractor Supply TODAY!

The End.

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