Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tibetan Beauties, Wheat Grass, Etc.

We're studying Eastern Hemisphere this year in school.  This is our second batch of kids to go through this curriculum... It's my favorite year of Social Studies!
 Our read-aloud is about Tibet.  I love the way we get to learn about other cultures from such a personal perspective.  But since there's no pictures in our book, I looked them up on Google images.  And I just looovvve these ladies!

So absolutely gorgeous!

I read that their main four foods are: butter tea, special cheese, beef/lamb & noodles.  How about that?!
They wear their cheese on a necklace.  Hehe.

I read that Tibetan people are some of the happiest and friendliest in the whole world! They love to sing and dance.

They're even laughing while hanging out on the dung pile!  Gotta appreciate that!  : )

And here's a neat little idea to bring some green into your wintery house....

Sprinkle a thin layer of wheat seeds on some potting soil... keep moist...and see what happens!
By the way, that's just plain old wheat that was about to go into the grinder to become bread. Nothing special.  But I just love that beautiful spring green!  I guess you could eat it if you wanted to.  Supposedly wheat grass is really good for you.  It just never really appealed to me.  : )

And here's one more Springy green picture for your wintertime enjoyment.

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  1. Wheat grass is so fun! When it gets too tall you can give it hair cuts. :) I missed this post somehow. This is the one with Olivia as a Tibetan grandma, right? Sweetness all around.


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