Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chicken Fest: Homesteading At Its Best

Here's sweet Graci.  "Say Hello to my little friend."
WARNING!  This post contains graphic images.

Not for the squeamish or the city slicker.  This is some seriously gross stuff.  I have made a pathetic attempt to photoshop the main grossness out, but considering the topic... that's kindof impossible.

But, I'm happy to report that my freezer is once again full of beautiful chickens, and the coop is a lot less crowded.  : )

*No children were harmed in the processing of these chickens.*

Here's Graci putting the chicken into the killing cone.
Kudos to Ace Hardware who helped us come up with the design!

OK, consider yourself warned.

 I skipped the killing part.  Aren't you glad?

Here's Graci telling Ruthie what to say in reply to a text on Graci's phone. Her hands were full.

She was actually pointing with the chicken!  lol!
OK, killing's over... on to my part.

Can you tell I'm seriously grossed out??  And freezing!

I was teaching Ruthie how to skin a chicken.

 Mad skill, I tell ya.

Here she is doing an awesome job.  Note the fancy fingernails.  

Ben working hard.
Noah scalding.  Elijah fetching the next victim.

Patience is the plucker.  Captain is in the back there doing the "eviscerating."  (He takes the guts out.)

More teens show up for the fun.  Here I am demonstrating skinning.  I'm just glad we all have gloves!

I wonder if Ashton and Matthew will ever come back to our house again.

Once we finished them all outside, we brought in the cooler full of chickens on ice into the kitchen where my super-amazing friend, Melinda, demonstrated her mad skilz at chopping them up.

She is seriously good at it.

Not everybody knows how to do that, you know!

The kids and teens all had lunch while we finished up.

Thanks to all our helpers, we got done in record time!
These are some amazing kids!!!

All things considered...

It was a pretty good day!


  1. We had meat chickens one year when the kids were smaller and of no use whatsoever. Plus, having never been on a farm before, let alone butchered chickens, our operation was very inefficient. It's clear you all know what you're doing. You do have awesome kids. I am loving Graci, pointing to the phone with a chicken! Ha!

    1. Wellll... we watch a lot of youtube videos. lol! This is our third year-- it took us all day to process ten the first year-- and we couldn't even think about eating chicken for a month afterwards! So, we're sortof getting the hang of it. It's still really terrible. : P

      I thought that was soo funny the teens with their phones... while being such hillbillies.

      BTW, I loved those pics of you and your son dragging that pig. Made me feel a little better about the gross things I have to do. : )


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