Sunday, August 12, 2012

How I Roll

Girls, it's time for a confession.

I don't have a plan.

And I don't have a planner. Well, at least not one that I follow.

I don't know what's gonna be for dinner this week.

I don't know what curriculum I'll be using this year.

I don't know how I'm gonna pay for it when I decide what it is.

I don't know what I'm gonna wear tomorrow.

And to all you ladies out there who have a plan...

More power to ya.

Because every time I make one,

It gets all jacked up.

And then I get jacked up.

And that is bad.

Very bad.

(And, no, jacked up is not a cuss word.)

So, that's why I don't have a plan.

And, no, I'm not planning to fail, either.

I'm just that good at improvising.

Someday, when I live all alone with my cats...

I might have a plan.

But I doubt it.

Because, that's just how I roll.


  1. Love it! I do have a planner, but it's crossed out rewritten in so much I think only I can decipher what it says- its more of a record of what's already happened than of what I have planned, because like you said my plans just get jacked up :). I just pray that God will make a way for everything that needs to be done each day will get done and that he will supply the strength, means and knowledge I need to get it done.

  2. Before my husband leaves for work, we go over the plan for the day. And each and every day I have to talk to him at least three times with each new revision. It's pointless planning, really. With most things, I'm flying with you. It's a much more exciting way to live, isn't it?


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